31 December 2009


I think we have to stay within our microcosm(s) to cope. Otherwise its just too painful and scary to witness and eventually realize how insignificant we are.  Those who struggle worse than us are only a breath away from where we stand. And those who couldn't have a care, keep their assets close to them.

I am tilting into to a dizzy spell moving further on to the broader end of distribution. Those belonging to the bottom of the pyramid break crumbs into halves, into quarters, into eigths ... I might not ever live to see a sincere day of freedom and the thought makes all effort seem futile.

You look into the eyes of the ones you rely on and they've suddenly drawn a blank.  Instead of resistance, you resign, trimming the hedges of your own inner garden, hoping one day it will grow into lush landscapes. 

Wild Beasts - Two Dancers (ii) [download mp3]

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