23 October 2009


I've become a recluse.  I've been reading like pages are the food of life.  I can hardly stand the company of those who revel in their own brilliance.  We've only breached the surface of understanding true creation.  Originality is long gone in the graves of the long dead.  Where does one begin with the fear  that creating will sully the mere spark of inspiration?  I can't stand it.  I just want to throw it all away.  I want to sit in my tower of fear huddled over texts and emptying out my lungs and throat on the world outside.

21 October 2009

I W A S G A Y I N T H E 8 0 S

A mini homage to one of the best movements in gay life and dance music.  Can I live vicariously via a revival of 80s house music?  It makes me want to put my hands up high and vogue way down low.  Give me poppers and have a confetti drop.  I'm dressed and ready to go. 

Inner City - Big Fun [mp3]
Dee-Lite - What Is Love? [mp3]
LA Mix - Don't Stop Jammin' [mp3]
Marshall Jefferson - Move Your Body [mp3]

18 October 2009

Dream Sequence #2

I had a dream last night that a giant earthquake hit Los Angeles and I stood in my loft and watched the building spinning out of control in circles.  I watched from the inside.  Knowing I had no time to run, I just stood still.  Eventually it stopped and I jumped out of the window.  After I jumped out I realized my entire floor had magically disappeared.  All that was left was the top and the bottom floors of my building.  There was no sign that the floors in between ever existed.  It was all wiped away, without a speckle of proof that I had ever lived there; that I ever spent a single night there.  I started walking in search of grass and daylight.

Radiohead - How To Disappear Completely [mp3]

16 October 2009

We Were Once A Fairytale

Check out Spike Jonze's new short "We Were Once A Fairytale," starring Kanye West.

04 October 2009

Dream Sequence #1

I woke from the tail end of a dream that I could not remember.  I felt my body propel from one side of the bed to the other, while frozen in the fetal position, laying on my right side.  Those were the last traces before I opened my eyes to find that I was already sitting upright.  I woke up with such an explosion that my heart raced with fear and my body filled with the urge to laugh madly with bouts of relief.  Days have passed and my body still aches.

School Of Seven Bells - Half Asleep [mp3]