18 December 2007

Steaming Hot Chip (Fresh Out Of The Oven)

Over and over and over, like a monkey with a miniature cymbal ... is how we listened to the last full length Hot Chip LP.  Before the end of summer, kids on Hot-Chip-slayed dance floors could stomp, clap and shoulder jerk each and every cue.  It's no wonder songs from their forthcoming album Made In The Dark, due to release in February 2008, have already started leaking.

I love a grimy beat and a belligerent synth line.  Who doesn't? We all have a raging party monster inside of us - looking for any excuse to fling our hair, along with our cares, out on the dance floor.  Hot chip serves it up, with sounds like long fingers, coaxing you out onto the floor, moving you on their dance! dance! puppet strings, one foot forward, one foot back.

They're annoyingly lovable: poppy, kitschy, rhythmically stereo and above all, uniquely Hot Chip.

So with that, I toss you two little ditties to bang in the box ...

Hot Chip - Ready For The Floor [mp3]

Hot Chip - Shake a Fist [mp3]

04 December 2007

This Just In !

The Beastie Boys are hosting a special radio show at Little Radio today and because of this, Daisy and I have been pushed back to the Tuesday 4-6PM (PST) slot - instead of the usual Tuesday 2-4PM slot.

Total bummer, but well worth the legendary presence of the Beastie Boys...

Dry your eyes, I know these are trying times so in exchange for any pain we have caused, here is a sweet little remix for you to marinate on.

Schneider TM - Frogtoise (Schneider FM Remake) [mp3]

Yes, forgiveness!

NOW TUNE IN TODAYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(next week should resume at the same time)

01 December 2007

Opp or Not? Opp or What?? Its APPARAT.

OK, so last week i spontaneously co-hosted on Daisy's radio show and a lot of you tuned in - thank you :)

Some of you laughed, some of you shook your heads in disdain, however, all of you heard something new that you really liked.  Many of you seemed most curious about a song I played by Apparat called "Arcadia" from his 2007 album Walls.  Well here is everything you need to know about him.

Who is Apparat?  He didn't just materialize out of nowhere.  His real name is Sascha Ring and he 's been releasing albums since 2001 on his own label, Shitkatapult.  He is most known for his minimal, pulsing  IDM and familial type collaborations with other Berlinites such as Ellen Allien and Modeselektor.

It's no secret that I am a major fan of cross-genre electronic indie rock.  Expect to hear thick layers of ambient fuzz, progressive syncopation of resonating beats combined with strings, guitars and cymbal crashes. Imagine M83, but less provoking.  To give you an better idea, the final mix down was done by Josh Eustis from Telefon Tel Aviv.

Don't buy this album if you're level of music snobbery exceeds your ability to enjoy a few R&B vocal tracks (Raz Ohara is reminiscent of Prince on track 12, "Over and Over").  Don't buy this album if you are looking to relive your rave days (this is not one of Apparat's dj sets).  Don't buy this album if you are afraid to groove (some people are!).  Buy this album if you are into music that sounds like a soundtrack for, well, "life".  Its melancholy and romanticism are undeniable.

Although some critics may argue otherwise, I label this album an essential. Walls is, without a doubt, one of my personal favorites for 2007.