01 October 2007

In Rainbows

Today i got an email informing me that i can now pre-order Radiohead's upcoming album In Rainbows. Radiohead is like the quintessential to your record collection. They are like the pre-k level of Indie Rock 101. If you label yourself a super music snob, you won't even mention them in your list of influences - because it's just wayy too obvious. It's like ... duhhh, they're genius and everyone knows it.

If you are one of those self proclaiming music snobs, you know, like one of those assholes who says "i'm sorry, i'm just a bit of a music snob", when you engage in the usual who-are-you-listening-to discussion, you most likely say you loved Radiohead before "they went techno" or "when they were still good".

Listen to me: it's called evolving. You know, when you don't keep generating the same sh*t over and over, with different lyrics on top. Thom Yorke doesn't need to make music that's marketable. he's completely clairvoyant. He knows what's good before anyone has discovered it. It may take time for some to catch up....... it's a delayed reaction..... sort of a re-tard-ation.

.......reeeeeee.... taaaarrr...... dationnnnnnn... ... (lo fi echoes)

That rant? Totally unplanned. I really started this entry because, for those of you who are seriously interested, you can order In Rainbows at any price you name. No joke. This is not one of those click here for your free ring tone kind of things.

It's totally a legit-from-the-horses-mouth-i-ordered-it-myself type of thing.

It's clever in a way. I doubt radiohead is hurting for your $10-20. and they are smart enough to know that once the record drops, transfer wires are going live and hot to spread the golden tracks.

Click here to order Radiohead's In Rainbows

You obviously won't regret it.

Think about what they've given to you - all those years you were misunderstood and wanted to be in love and hated it at the same time ... and were angry and angst-y and deep and artsy. When you were a creep, a weirdo.

And for once, you won't be ripping off one your favorite bands - or breaking that bank account either.