29 September 2007

Milla of All Trades....

there are very few who can deny that Milla Jovovich is one of the top ten most beautiful women in the world. she's totally gorgeous... she's like the official predecessor to Linda Evangelista, with campaigns ranging from Calvin Klein to L'oreal. she's a model, actress, fashion designer entrepreneur and musician... (squealing halt).



Milla Jovovich is actively pursuing a music career and has been for some time. she performs live and has music videos. she has 2 albums out and also an EP. she even plays the guitar while wailing her heart out to some of her own original tunes!

i've conveniently posted a couple of exemplary samples of her work:

correct me if i'm wrong... is it me, or were you sorely disappointed??

i can't decide which video is more gut-wrenching. it's like that time, when you were a kid and every news channel blasted Milli Vanilli for lip syncing. and it wasn't that they were just lip syncing, but that they didn't even sing the vocals on their chart topping album! how bummed out were you? you wanted to blame it on the rain.

maybe it was like the day you found out that
Bjรถrk doesn't write most of her music. but that made sense. you could deal with that. her music is complex, avant-guarde and, at times, required the accompaniment of entire symphonies and/or highly technological music nerds in order for her to perform live.

i guess this is just one of those things that you just throw in the pile of i-shoulda-knowns. i mean, she is so hot that you wanted her to be good at music too. you wanted her to defy those common unwritten laws about models who can't act, and actors who can't sing....

i think when it comes down to the very bottom of it all, we can only be honest with ourselves: no harm, no fowl, Milla. you may have disappointed us (even, at times, to the point of total nausea). however, one thing is for sure, this certainly wouldn't make me kick you out of bed. no-sir-eeeeeeeeeeeee......not for a second.