31 August 2007

Ultimate Crumb Snatcher: Kanye

What is wrong with you, Kanye?

No, seriously.

I don't understand how your ego got so blown up, when the first single off your (highly anticipated) successive album sounds like Daft Punk has thrown up.  No, it's not a remix; it's a regurgitation.  I mean, what were you thinking?!

You are the ultimate crumb snatcher. You scoop up the crumbs of trail blazers before you and sprinkle a dash of syncopation, pour on a ton of sub-par lyrics and let it simmer over the airwaves, expecting to make a hit.

Some may argue that your new single, Stronger, is genius, composed of clever "samples".  Here's why I disagree: you've done this before.  You're a repeat-offender; and you've been caught red-handed.

Example 1:
Kanye West - Young Folks (feat Peter, Bjorn and John)
WTF????  Terrible. What better way to tap into the indie music scene than to rap over the this year's most overplayed independent hit?

Example 2:
Kanye West - US Placers (feat Thom Yorke)
ok, so you basically rapped over Thom Yorke's, The Eraser. wow. awful. we get it; you guys are here to stay. the more we try to erase you, the more that you'll appear. i don't think that's the general malaise that Thom hoped to inflict upon his listeners with his title track.

Example 3:
Kanye West - Milkshake Freestyle (feat Kelis)
By far the worst one of them all. ("my raps is better than yours....").

Kanye, you suck.

You suck! You suck!!
I hate you. You suck!!!!!

To top it off, you're mad that MTV agrees:

Don't think i say these things in haste. I actually enjoyed your first album.  I would even go so far as to say it was almost groundbreaking.  Hey, it's not like Daft Punk has never been sampled before. However, when Busta Rhymes did it, it was well executed.  It made sense.

My recommendation is that you stick to what you know.  Stop assuming you are the future of pop music just because you dug underground and tapped a gold mine.